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Different Sizes of Hardware Cloth and How to Use Them

hardware cloth gutter guard

Hardware cloth is a very versatile product comprised of a galvanized steel mesh. Available in a variety of mesh size openings and lengths, hardware cloth research can easily become overwhelming trying to determine what size roll will fit your project best.

We’ve compiled a list below of the most popular sizes of hardware cloth and their various uses.

Hardware Cloth with 1/8 Inch Openings

The best uses for 1/8 inch hardware cloth is to cover sofit and gable vents, screen doors, gutters and crawl space openings. This size is the smallest opening that hardware cloth comes in.

Hardware Cloth with ½ Inch Openings

The vinyl coated hardware cloth is great for flooring on animal cages because the pet’s urine cannot corrode the vinyl coating like it can on galvanized steel hardware cloth. Other uses include: garden protection, tree guards and gutter guards.

Best used for galvanized hardware cloth include: gutter guards, tree guards, sifting screens and sofit covers.

Hardware Cloth with ¼ Inch Openings

Ideal uses include: chicken coops, crafts, garden covers, tree guards and screens. For more inspiration on how to use hardware cloth, visit DIY/Craft.

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