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DIY: How to Make a Coaster Using Chicken Wire

Create rustic, chic coasters for your home using only chicken wire and an embroidery hoop! This easy DIY project for the home is so simple to make and offers up a finished product that will have your guests wondering where you bought them! Bonus: with the holidays in full swing you could even make these and gift them!

Materials Needed:

Chicken Wire

4'' hoop (used for embroidery)

Wire cutters

Foam brush


Needle nose pliers


Step 1: Unscrew the hoops and paint the natural wood using the foam brush and stain. Use one or two coats depending on how dark you want the stain to be. We only used one coat of stain for this project.

Step 2: Measure and cut the chicken wire roughly 2 inches from the edge of the hoop. Spray paint the chicken wire gold on both sides and let air dry.

Step 3: Once dry, wrap the chicken wire around the smaller hoop and bend with needle nose pliers. Cut away the extra wire as needed until the entire hoop is covered evenly with the wire.

Step 4: Next fit the large hoop back over the edge of the smaller hoop and screw in the pin at the top. You might have to snip some wire here and there to make it fit again but it should be a snug fit.

And that's it! Making a chicken wire coaster is a quick and easy way to add some farmhouse style to your home. For more home projects using chicken wire, visit our website here.

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