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DIY: Chicken Wire Holiday Card Holder

The holidays are here and you're probably looking for a way to display all of your lovely holiday cards that will fit into your current holiday decor. This week we made a rustic holiday card holder using only a frame, chicken wire and a staple gun! So simple and the finished product turned out even better than we expected. Hang a wreath from the center to add a little extra holiday decor and you're all set!


Supply list- chicken wire

Rustic, empty frame

Staple gun

Wire cutters



Wreath + holiday cards

Step 1:

Find an empty frame, you can buy one online or scour your local thrift store to get a real bargain. Cut chicken wire to fit frame and secure with staple gun to the back portion of the frame. Pull the wire taunt across the frame as you staple to ensure there isn't any slack in the middle.

Step 2:

Trim any extra wire that may be hanging over the edges so that you can't see the wire from the front view

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Step 3:

Next, secure a wreath to the center using wire. Simply weave the wire over the wreath and through the chicken wire and twist from the back to secure the wreath in place. Add ribbon to the top of the wreath for extra security. Then all that's left to do is add your holiday cards!

To add an even more festive look you could spray paint the chicken wire gold before securing to the frame. Change out the frame with each season to enjoy year-round! For more crafts, including chicken wire, visit out website here.

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