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DIY: How To Make a Chicken Wire Cloche for Easter Centerpiece

A DIY chicken wire cloche is one of those projects that looks easy to make but it could easily turn into a Pinterest fail before you're even half way through. So we took a stab at it and it didn't turn out half bad!

The chicken wire adds the perfect touch of farmhouse chic to your Easter centerpiece and it's super easy to make!

We used 1inch opening chicken wire and bought some moss and Easter decor from Micheals. The total project cost around $15-20.

Supplies Needed:

  • chicken wire

  • wire cutters

  • needle nose pliers

  • gloves

  • ribbon

  • decorative moss

  • decorative eggs

  • centerpiece (moss bunny in this case)

Step 1:

Measure your chicken wire about 12 inches tall (or taller is you want a taller cloche). Make sure to wear GLOVES when handling chicken wire as it can be extremely sharp. You can choose to spray paint your chicken wire gold, white or leave it au natural like we did. Pro tip: Cut the thinner pieces of wire along the line so you're not hurting your hand too much. Unless you have super fancy wire cutters unlike us, ha!

Step 2:

Bend the chicken wire into a cylinder and interlock the edges together. With your needle nose pliers, bend any stray wires inward. Cut away any excess pieces. Notice how we made the bottom portion of the cloche the bottom edge of the wire so it's smooth and won't scratch the table's surface.

Step 3:

Press the top sides of the chicken wire inwards towards the middle and fold inwards any stray wire. It helps to cut away any excess wire so you can fold it down more.

Step 5:

We made a bow out of some extra ribbon that we had on hand. The kind with wire (like this one) inside is best so the bow hold it's shape and isn't too floppy. Next, glue the bow on top to hide any messiness of the wire (because it's not going to look perfect). Some people have used a large bottom or knob at the top as a centerpiece. We like the festive bow look so we went with that.

Step 6:

Last step is to decorate the interior of your cloche. We love the moss green look of a nest with eggs and the green bunny was too cute to pass up. There's a lot of green going on but the eggs sort of balance it out.

We would LOVE to see pictures of your chicken wire cloche!! Make sure to follow us on Instagram and to tag your projects with #makerschickenwirecloche

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