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DIY: Hanging Succulent Ball

This DIY succulent project is a fun way to add some style to your patio/front porch! Succulents are not only very on trend right now, but they are super easy to take care of! When we saw another succulent hanging ball on Pinterest, we knew we had to give it a shot! We won't lie, it's a lot harder to mold chicken wire into a perfect ball than it looks! But if you let go of perfect expectations and let the project evolve, you're sure to have a beautiful result in the end!


  • Succulents

  • Sheet Moss

  • Wire Cutters

  • Needle Nose Pliers

  • Burlap String

  • 20 Gauge Wire

  • Potting Soil

Step 1:

Take your 20 gauge wire and cut 4 pieces of 12in long wire. Make each strip into a circle and connect at the top so they are overlapping, creating a sphere. Make the sphere with 3 circles criss-crossing as featured below.

Step 2:

Then take your fourth piece of wire and wrap it around the center of the circle and secure with wire.

Step 3:

Wrap your sphere with chicken wire around the diameter. Then cut slits at the top and bottom and gently press the chicken wire down, working your way around and cutting away excess pieces of wire. Be sure to wear thick leather gloves because the wire can be very sharp! We won't lie, this was probably the most difficult part of the project--ha! Just make sure to take your time and slowly it will come into shape. Also, make sure to leave an opening so you can put the moss and soil inside!

Step 4:

Once you have the shape you want, line the inside of the chicken wire ball with your sheet moss. We used some extra loose moss that we had on hand to stuff in areas as needed. The chicken wire makes it easy to stick the little pieces of moss in as needed.

Step 5:

Once you have the moss lining the inside, fill with potting soil to the top. Then, with your needle nose pliers, fold the top of the wire drown to enclose the ball.

Step 6:

Now for the fun part! In an effort to cut costs, we used fake succulents but you can use real ones if you prefer. Now you can stick your succulents into the ball through the chicken wire, filling in the gaps as you go around.

Step 7:

Tie your burlap strong to the top to hang your succulent ball

Step 8:

Hang and enjoy!

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