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DIY: Mason Jar Flower Arrangement

Nothing says summer like a mason jar full of fresh cut flowers. Whether you're planning a shower or backyard dinner party, mason jar flowers add the perfect touch of color and freshness. Today, we'll show you how you can use hardware cloth in the lid of your mason jar to help you plan your arrangement and keep the flowers in place. It's super simple and a great project you can reuse again and again!

What you'll need:

  • Mason jar (we got ours from Micheals but almost any craft store carries them)

  • Burlap string for a country chic look

  • Fresh flowers (bonus points for local farmer market or backyard blooms)

  • Scissors

  • Hardware cloth

  • Wire cutters

Step 1:

Take the lid off the mason jar and place it on top of the hardware cloth to see how much you will need. Cut the hardware cloth around the lid and then put the hardware cloth inside the lid and cut the cloth so it will fit inside tightly.

Step 2:

Once you have the hardware cloth inside the lid, fill up the mason jar with the amount of water you need and screw the lid onto the jar.

Step 3:

Next, wrap your burlap string around your mason jar or a ribbon--whatever your style is to jazz it up a little bit.

Step 4:

Now all that's left to do is arrange your flowers. Normally when arranging flowers you want to have a focal point and then keep the sides somewhat symmetrical with different heights throughout the arrangement. We used baby's breath as a nice filler and white lilies as our centerpiece. Then pink spray roses and purple flowers added a pop of color to the arrangement and some dimension. The hardware cloth is nice because it keeps the flowers upright and in place so you can make your arrangement easily.

Coming soon we will share how we displayed our mason jars against a chicken wire backdrop! For more home DIY projects, visit our Create It page.

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