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DIY: Mason Jar Flowers on Chicken Wire Frame Display

Chicken wire frame with flower mason jars

Learn how to make this rustic chicken wire frame to display your mason jar flowers!

As a follow up to our DIY: Mason Jar Flower Arrangement--we are talking about how to make this chicken wire frame display for your home! This project can be a real show stopper and it's so easy to make. We are envisioning this hanging near an entry way or in against the new shiplap wall in your laundry room--really the possibilities are endless since it would look great anywhere!

What You'll Need:

Empty rustic frame

Staple gun

Wire cutters

Mason jars


Hardware cloth

Burlap string

Craft Wire

Step 1:

Take your empty frame (we ordered ours from Amazon) and roll out your chicken wire against the back of the frame to measure how much you will need. With your wire cutters, cut out how much chicken wire you'll need and stretch it against the back of the frame. With your staple gun, secure the wire to the back of the frame, working your way around and continuing to stretch the wire taunt against the frame so there isn't any gapping.

Step 2:

With your wire cutters, cut away any excess wire so it's hidden from the front of the frame.

Step 3:

After making your flower arrangements (see full tutorial here) take about 20 inches of your craft wire and wrap it around the top of the mason jar underneath the lip of the jar. Tie the wire securely so it doesn't slip.

Step 4:

Now with the two end pieces remaining, hold the jar up against the chicken wire and slip the two loose ends through the chicken wire and tie the loose ends into a knot at the back.

Test and make sure the wire is holding the jar properly and the mason jar is securely fastened to the chicken wire.

And that's it! Repeat the process for the other jars. We placed the large mason jar in the middle and the two smaller ones on each side to balance out the display.

DIY: Simple Mason Jar Flower Arrangement on a Chicken Wire Frame! For more DIY projects, visit our Create It Page.

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