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DIY: Easter and Spring Door Decoration

Learn how to make this simple and elegant door decoration for Easter and spring using fresh flowers, burlap and chicken wire!

Easter and Spring Door Decorations

Easter is finally almost here and we're getting our front door all spruced up and ready for the weekend! There's just someting about the Easter weekend that kicks off spring in the best possible way. The egg hunts and copius amounts of chocolate easter candy doesn't hurt either ;) When we came across a hanging chicken wire basket on Pinterest, we knew we wanted that as our Easter door decor. Read on to learn how to make this chicken wire basket in a few simple steps.


  • Chicken Wire

  • Burlap

  • Teal Ribbon (or any spring pattern you like)

  • Fresh or faux flowers

  • Twine

Step 1: Cut and Measure Chicken Wire to Create a Wire Basket

We actually used the scrap piece of chicken wire left over from another project but it measured about 3 feet long and 1 feet wide--it really depends on how large or small you want your basket to be--but a rectangle shape is best. then simply fold your chicken wire in half longways and wrap the end pieces of wire around each other

Step 2: Add Burlap To Bottom of the Chicken Wire Basket

Once you turn your basket to where the opening is at the top--then you can connect the wires on the side--weaving them into each other. Make sure to wear gloves as the edge wires can scratch! Next, unroll your burlap ribbon and using a hot glue gun--secure it to the chicken wire and wrap it around once. We added another layer around the bottom to give it a clean edge.

Step 3: Tie Bow on Chicken Wire Basket and Add Flowers

We tied a bow and then placed the bow inside the chicken wire and it stayed in place pretty well! We chose to incorporate fresh flowers in our project to give our guests a good first impression but nice faux flowers would definitely last longer. Making the chicken wire basket turned out to be extremely easy and gives the arrangement a fun, farmhouse feel.

And voila! You have a charming Easter/spring decoration for your front door that didn't break the bank and looks great!

Spring front door decorations

For more Easter DIY Projects--check out our post from last year here on how to make a chicken wire cloche!

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