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7 Stylish Garden Border Ideas

Summer is the perfect time of year to fine tune your landscaping with garden borders that offset your lush green grass and really showcase your flower beds and garden.

We've compiled a list of unqiue ideas to edge your flowers beds in style.

Iris Garden Border

The Iris border features a classic wrought iron look with a curved top and symmetrical design. The border is lightweight and very easy to install by simple connecting the side panels and inserting the border into the ground. The powder coated finish aids in rust prevention and corrosion and protect the border from the weather elements. The black color blends in nicely with the surroundings too!

2.) Brick Borders

Brick garden borders are amoung the most classic garden edging and for good reason! The stylish edging is a little bit more expensive than some other borders but you can find used bricks for around $1 brick. Also check your local garden stores or call landcaping companies as they may have some that they're looking to get rid of for free!

3.) Gabion Border

The word gabion mean "cage" and this unique garden border is sure to be a conversation starter. You can create your own using welded wire and put rocks inside. You could also do a simple rock border but the welded wire really adds a modern element to it!

We installed this garden border recently and it was so easy to do! Made with the same powder coating as the Iris garden border, it has a classic fence look to it. Also very easy to install with connecting panels and simple push the spiked feet into the ground.

The Diamond garden border features--you guessed it--a diamond shape in the middle and is a bit wider than the Iris and Empire garden border. Perfect if you're looking for a unique and modern design. We love how it's not as high as the other borders and has a nice, flat top. Perfect for keeping pets and kids out of a certain area in the garden. The Diamond border is also made by Expert Gardener and features the same weather resistant powder coating.

6.) Cement Blocks

A great way to upcycle those cement blocks you have lying around is to turn them on their side and line your garden with them! Bonus: you can use the holes in the blocks to fill in with soil and grow some extra flowers inside! You could also paint the cement blocks for a little something extra.

7.) Stone Edging

A great option if you live near the mountains or somewhere that stone and rocks are readily available. We love the natual look of a stone edged garden too. Also, given the various types of stones--the possibilties are really endless!

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