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Creative Christmas Card Holder Ideas

Looking for a fun way to display all of your wonderful holiday cards? We've rounded up a few of our favorite that you will defintely want to give a try!

1. Farmhouse Style Christmas Card Holder

We made this one a couple of weeks ago and it's such a simple and fun way to display all of your precious holiday cards! We did a full tutorial on how to make your own holiday card holder here a couple of years ago and this was just a little refresh we did with a boxwood wreath.

The chicken wire really adds a great rustic element and it's easy to clip your holiday cards with clothespins to the wire!

2. Eucalyptus Card Holder

Ahh we can almost smell the fresh eucalyptus from here when looking at this card holder! How fresh and simple is this idea? Definitely want to give it a try. From Alice and Lois.

3. Christmas Tree Sting Card Holder

DIY Holiday Card Holder

This idea is so simple but so adorable how they made the string in the shape of a Christmas tree! We love how it can house a lot of cards at once too without looking too clutered. From Design Improved

4. Holiday Card Border Using Reclaimed Wood Boards

DIY Holiday Card Display

Perfect for the naturalist + minimalist, this holiday card display made form reclaimed, rustic boards is so charming! Would also be fun to switch out different greenery on the board throughout the season. Could be used all year long to display photos too! From The Merry Thought

5. Doorway Card Display with Garland

DIY Garland Card Holder

This idea is great if you're limited on wall space and want to spruce up your garden/entryway! Such an impactful and inviting idea, we love how they kept the gardland simple and yet, still festive. From Midwest Living.

Make sure to tag all of your projects with #makerscorners on Instagram for a chance to be featured!

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