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5 DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas Using Chicken Wire

Christmas is only a few days aways and things can get crazier than ever! We've selected 5 of our DIY Christmas decorations using chicken wire that you can make on the fly and still have time to finish wrapping all those presents.

5 DIY Christmas Decorations

Supplies: The main thing you'll need for this project is chicken wire obviously. We recommend Garden Craft Brand--available at Walmart, Lowes and Ace Hardware.

1.) Chicken Wire Christmas Card Holder

This fun and easy to make chicken wire frame is a great way to display all of those beautiful holiday cards! It's easy for Christmas cards to end up in a stack on the kitchen counter but this project is a great way to show them off and replace with photos after Christmas is over. A fresh Christmas wreath in the center and a few ornaments throughout adds a nice touch. To see the full tutorial, visit our blog post here.

2.) Chicken Wire Christmas Tree

Here, we made a Christmas tree out of chicken wire and decorated it with buttons. Some people also make a tree and then clip their Christmas cards to it with tiny clothespins. Looks great as a front porch decoration!

3.) Christmas Centerpiece Chicken Wire Mason Jar

This super easy centerpiece idea will be the topic of conversation during Christmas dinner! All you need is a mason car, candle and some chicken wire. We added a bronze finish to the chicken wire to give it a rustic look. Read the full tutorial on how to make it here.

Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

4.) Chicken Wire Gift Tag

They say the gift is often just as important as how it's wrapped. This season you can show the ones you love how special they are with this budget friendly and thoughtful give tag. These also make great ornaments! Read here for the full tutorial.

DIY Holiday Tag

5.) Chicken Wire Christmas Light Balls

These Christmas Light Balls are gaining popularity quickly and you may have already seen them in your neighbors yard. They are super easy to make and can last for many seasons to come! Read our full tutorial here on how to make these diy christmas light balls.

Chicken Wire Christmas Light Balls


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