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5 DIY Thanksgiving Decor Ideas Using Chicken Wire

The holidays are here and now is a wonderful time to start planning ahead and getting crafty when entertaining so you can stay within budget and have some extra cash for Christmas! We've compiled a list of our top five fall diy decor ideas that will get you through the holiday season in style!

1. Chicken Wire Placemat

This chicken wire placemat is the perfect touch to any Thanksgiving feast. A conversation starter for sure--your guests will be impressed by your rustic chic craftiness. We're thinking fall, farmhouse family gatherings, cotton bouquets, apple cider and shiplap dining rooms would compliment this placemat rather nicely. Another bonus--it's super easy and cheap to make. Learn how to make a chicken wire placemat in our full tutorial here.

2. Chicken Wire Cornucopia

One tricky thing about hosting large gatherings is what to have for a centerpiece. On Pinterest we were seeing a lot of chicken wire cornucopias and decided to give it a whirl. It took some creative shaping (and 100% make sure to wear thick gloves when shaping the chicken wire) but once it's wrapped with burlap and stuffed with fresh fruit and veggies--it looks great! Learn how to make a chicken wire cornucopia here.

3. Chicken Wire Thanksgiving Board

Every year our group of friends gather for a "Friendsgiving" and we take turns going around the table and saying what we're thankful for. It's a favorite tradition and one that everyone really looks foward to so we thought it would be fun to have a Thanksgiving board and everyone can write what they're thankful for and attach it to the board. To learn how to make a chicken wire frame thanksgiving board, visit the origial blog post here.

4. Chicken Wire Pumpkin

Even though it's November, we believe pumpkins are a totally acceptable form of decoration until Thanksgiving and shouldn't be thrown out before then! This diy chicken wire pumpkin took some creatvity and a little work but it wasn't anything a little spraypaint couldn't fix! :) Also this project is really budget friendly and only took about 20 minutes to make. To check the full chicken wire pumpkin tutorial here.

5. Chicken Wire Fall Banner

Fighting off the urge to deck the halls with all the garland you can find? This chicken wire fall banner is the perfect solution to decorate the mantle with something Thanksgiving-ish until it's Christmas time. It's super easy to make and budget friendly. Would you try this in your home? We'd love to see your projects! Full tutorial on how to make this chicken wire fall banner here.


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