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6 Plants That Repel Flies

Use these plants to help keep those annoying flies away.

Summer is in full swing-- pool parties, backyard barbecues and catching fireflies at night in those sweet mason jars---all it all seems so perfect, right? That is until your backyard becomes infested with a swarm of flies from that hot pile of a garage can that you forgot to roll to the street (for the second week in a row). You are actually starting to get concerned that your neighbor will yell at you if you open the lid one more time. And the best part is--they multiply x 1,000.

SO, what are you to do? How do you get rid of flies once and for all without calling a company to come dump a ton of chemicals on your lawn and drive away before it even has a chance to dry? Well the good news is, there's a homeopathic way to get rid of flies and it includes....(drumroll) PLANTS!

We've compiled this list of 6 plants that you can plant in your backyard (especially near the back door where they like to sneak into the air conditioned house like tiny, little fly secret ops) and you will soon have your yard back!

Sweet Basil

Sweet Basil is known for its strong fragrance and is a popular herb used in cooking and salads (helloooo caprese salad). Their power to keep flies away with their strong odor explains why they are a popular choice in window boxes off the kitchen and potted plants near the back door. Make sure your basil plant is in a well drained pot and an area where it will get some good sunlight.

Citronella Grass

We've all heard of citronella candles but citronella grass is great for keeping those flies away. Typically used as a large plant, planted in the grown, citronella grass is very effective at keeping unwanted insects at bay but it is an invasive species so you have to make sure you keep them planted separately and pruned regularly.


Often used an ingredient for cooking, the strong fragrance that lemongrass emits is also great for repelling flies. In addition, it is a strong repellent for mosquitoes and stable flies. This would be another great plant to have in your kitchen window herb box.


Probably the classiest of all inspect repellents--Lavender! Ahh--nothing smells better than a fresh bouquet and dried lavendar. Lavendar grows well in large pots and does not require a ton of watering so they are easy to maintain. Lavender also gets bonus point for repelling mosquitos, fleas and moths in addition to flies.


A natural insect repellent-- Tansy has been used since ancient times to keep unwanted insects at bay. In the 1800s it was popular to keep in burial caskets to ward off insects. Today, it has a more pleasant reputation and is used to keep flies away. It is however an invasive species like cirtonella grass so do you research before planting next to other plants!

If you're looking for more herb planting tips, then visit our recent post about how to build a raised bed garden.


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