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DIY: How to Make a Garden Trellis Using Chicken Wire

DIY: Learn how to make a garden trellis using chicken wire and copper plumbing to upgrade your garden without spending a fortune.

Spring is so close we can almost taste it! We decided to make a garden trellis using chicken wire and copper pipes from the plumbing section at at Lowes after seeing a similar style at Walmart. This project was half the cost (at around $30 total) and turned out great ! It was just what we needed for our little raised bed garden and we can't wait to grow some cucumbers or strawberries on it this spring/summer.


  • Garden Craft Chicken Wire (available at Walmart, Lowes and Ace Hardware)

  • Copper Plumbing Pipes + Fittings

  • Wire Cutters

  • Thick Gloves

  • Staple Gun

Step 1: Construct your Trellis Frame

Construct your trellis frame out of copper plumbing pipes and fittings you can find at Lowes or Home Depot. The side pipes cost about $8/year and so not as much as you would expect copper pipes to be and the tee fitting is perfect for the corners as you can see in the picture below.

Step 2: Wrap Chicken Wire Around the Trellis

Take the top roll of you chicken wire and wrap the end piece around the top. With your needle nose pliers (make sure to wear gloves!) bend the wire so it wraps around the top frame of the trellis. Then as you work you pull the wire taunt downwards, secure the side of the chicken wire with the loose wire so there aren't any gaping areas on the side.

Step 3: Cut Chicken Wire and Secure To the Bottom of the Planter

Once you have secured the sides of the chicken wire to the side pipes, cut off the chicken wire you need and staple the bottom pieces to your raised bed garden so they don't roll up. We were so easy to see how our trellis would look with something growing up it that we added a flowers/climbing plant and the end result made our raised bed garden so pretty!

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