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Chicken Wire Frame DIY

Learn how to make this chicken wire frame for Thanksgiving and have family members display all of the things they are grateful for!

It's finally November and that means we can start the Thanksgiving preparations, planning and decorating! Celebrating Halloween is nice--but when you have Thanksgiving and Christmas on the horizon and you can start making holiday plans--it's just so exciting! We ran across this idea on Pinterest of using a chicken wire frame to display various things you are thankful for and we thought what a cute idea this would be to have displayed at Thanksgiving--with everyone writing a little note and attaching it to the chicken wire. This project was easy and fun to make and you can really make it as intricate or simple as you want it to be!


Empty Frame

Chalkboard Letters*


Paper + holiday stickers*

Fall Gardland*

*from Michaels

Step 1: The first step is figuring out how to make a chicken wire frame.

We give a full tutorial on how to make a chicken wire frame on the blog post we did last year around Christmas time when we used it to display our handmade wreath. We found this great natural wood frame on Amazon and love the rustic look of it. But you can use any frame you find and fix it up or spray paint the chicken wire before attaching it--lots of options here!

Step 2: Make your "Thanksgiving" banner.

We thought about doing thinking similar to the Fall Banner we made a few weeks ago but then saw these adorable chalkboard clips at Micheals and we were SOLD. They cut our project time way down and add to the farmhouse feel with a rustic frame and chalkboard letters. We got brave and free-styled the writing but maybe you can do a better job! Ha.

Step 3: Make your tags

This part threw us back to Kindergarten when you're learning how to use scissors and just chopping away at anything and everything you can get your hands on. We were so excited to play with the wood stickers, letters and paper we found at Michaels. We couldn't find any tiny clothespins to attached the cards to the chicken wire like we had wanted to do--so we used some leftover burlap string we had on hand and it turned out pretty cute. The idea would be to have some extra cards on hand so people can write multiple things and fill up your board with lots of love and gratitude!

Step 4: Decorate your chicken wire board

To top it all off we added some fall garland that was on deep discount at Michaels and we feel it added so much! Bonus you could use the garland later for a tablescape or centerpiece. It's always fun to see Thanksgiving decor ideas come to life and we will be adding this to our rotation of holiday traditions!

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