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DIY: 5 Potting Bench Ideas

We've gathered five potting bench ideas using reclaimed furniture or wood and garden materials to create the perfect shabby chic outdoor planting station!

Gardening season is finally here in full swing and we are excited to give our garden area a little revamp! We did a some research on Pinterest and found these great ideas for gardening benches and potting sheds that use reclaimed wood and incorporate rustic garden tools. Our favorites of course are the ones that also use chicken wire! Whatever the weather is where you are now--it's never too early to start organizing your potting station and getting things ready for summer! We've linked to all of the farmhouse style potting benches below--which one is your favorite?

1.) Converted Door Teal Potting Bench

The first potting bench that caught our eye is from Hymns and Verses that we discovered via Fox Hollow Cottage's blog. The teal color mixed with the galvanized watering can and chicken wire backing (of course ;) all blends together so nicely. It also has an ice beachy feel to it. It looks like the back was maybe an old door that they converted and added the side pieces and bottom bench to. Either way--we love it!

2.) Potting Bench with Plastic Netting

This converted potting bench setup is a lesson in using your surrounding to your advantage when decorating. It took us a minute to realize that over the potting bench is actually a window--and not a stand along chalkboard. The way they added the small chalk board above and used plastic netting on the bottom is a great way to utilize the space and will come in handy in the future for organizing garden tools. The netting also allows some extra light to flow through the window from the other side without completely blocking it. This would be a great idea if you're working with a small space. Link on Pinterest.

2.) Handmade Potting Shed with Reclaimed Wood

We stumbled upon Sweetpea Garden Collection's potting bench and discovered that she makes all of the potting benches herself from reclaimed pieces of wood! According to her website, she got tired of painting and fixing up other potting benches--so she decided to make her own and with a little encouragement from her daughter (hence the name Sweetpea) she started making them for family and friends. We especially love her chicken wire board above with mason jars which reminds us of one of our projects (see project here.)

4.) Potting Shed Using a Chain Link Gate

We almost overlooked this clever rustic potting shed using a chain link fencing gate above as decoration! The greenery growing at the top perfectly disguises the chain link top but you still get the rustic feel from the chain link fabric. And bonus--the silver color from the chain link matches the galvanized watering can.

5.) Beachy Shabby Chic Potting Shed

This one is for all you beach lovers out there. The white-washed reclaimed fence pickets and "Seashells" sign make this the perfect potting shed for any beach house. We love how the wide planked boards at the back are slightly spaced apart and the old rake head is hung at the top to hold other tools. This potting shed is the definition of coastal shabby chic.


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