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DIY: Advent Calendar

Learn how to make this DIY advent calendar using a chicken wire frame and some goody bags with Christmas treats inside.

Makers Corners DIY Advent Calendar

It's that time of year again! Marking off each passing day of Christmas with an advent calendar is a fun tradition for many so we decided to create our own calendar this year. All you need is a chicken wire frame, some small clothes pins, goody bags and chocolates. The advent calendar would look great over a mantle or dining room table and is sure to be a conversation piece.

DIY Advent Calendar


  • Chicken wire frame (find chicken wire here)

  • Treat bags with clothes pins included (Micheals)

  • Candy of choice

  • Christmas or other holiday decor

  • Marker to write dates

Step 1: Make the Chicken Wire Frame

We wrote a full blog post about how to make this chicken wire frame here. It has come in handy for so many projects and we love being able to re-use it over and over! Chicken wire typically comes in different size meshs with 1in being the most popular for crafts.

Step 2: Write The Numbers on the Bags

Once you have your wire frame made, you can start writing your advent numbers or use a stamp on your goody bags. We found these great treat bags at Micheal's that came with the little truck and clothespin we used to pin on the chicken wire. You can make it a family affair and have your child practice writing their numbers on the goody bags and counting along with you each day.

Step 3: Stuff with Treats

Next, stuff your treat bags with your candy of choice. For DIY advents, some people prefer to write activities on little notes for each day like baking cookies together or reading a Christmas story.

Step 4: Hang Treat Bags on Chicken Wire

These tiny clothespins came in handy with the goody bags but you can buy them seperately at Micheals too if you need. We sort of ran out of space towards the bottom but it still looked good! Chances are the kiddos won't care how the chocolates fit onto the board as long as they get to pluck them down and eat the treat each day :)

Step 5: Decorate with Christmas or other Holiday Decor

Last step is to put some holiday touches on the bulletin board with garland or some holly berries throughout the board. You can let your creativity run wild here and go all out!

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