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DIY Chicken Coop That is Easy to Build

Learn how to assemble and use this welded wire kennel to create an easy to use chicken coop!

Looking for an afforable and easy chicken coop for your fleathery flock? This welded wire kennel from Pet Sentinel is a great alternative to the traditional chicken coop if you're looking for more space and something with a roof for added protection against predators. Our neighbor lives in a residential area and has about 6-8 chickens total and was looking for a larger coop for them.

Her yard is pretty shady with lots of trees and she has two small coops they sleep and nest in when they're not out and about free ranging in her yard. But she wanted a larger area she could keep them in when she was away but still protect them from predators. Unfortunately, the area we live in does have hawks and she lost one chicken when they were left outside the coop one day.

So, we set up the 6ft H x 4ft W x 8ft D welded wire kennel in her back yard that comes with a weather protection roof kit and bungee cords. This particular kit also comes with anchors to help anchor the kennel into the ground so it stays put during winds and storms etc. Thanks to handy kennel clamps, all you need is a small wrench to tighten the bolts for assembly.

It was very easy to put together with about 2-3 people needed for assembly. After it was up, the chickens marched right in and pecked about in their new home! Our neighbor said she plans to install a small trench of hardware cloth around the perimeter of the coop so raccoons and other animals don't try to dig underneath the cage and get to the chickens.

Kennel Assembly

Step 1: Panel Set Up

Lay out the panels on the ground so you can make sure you have your space configured correctly. Start with the front gate and hold the panel up while someone next you holds up the corner panel. With the panel clamps, put a clamp on each side and insert the screw through to connect the two panels. Make sure screws are on the outside so they don't hurt the chickens or other animals inside. Save the tightening of the bolts for last in case you need to adjust.

Step 2: Roof Frame + Install Roof

Repeat the process for panel assembly all the way around the kennel. Then install the roof frame. Once the frame is in place, use the bungee cords to secure the roof to the kennel by weaving the cords through the welded wire panels (see pics.)

Step 3: Tighten Clamps + Install Anchors

Next, tighten the panel clamps with your wrench so the kennel is sturdy and securely in place. Then install the ground anchors. You can use a rubber mallet or hammer to push the anchors into the ground.

Step 4: Enjoy!

And that's it! As chickens eat the grass underneath the coop, you can remove the anchors and easily life the kennel and shift it to a different section of the yard so they fertilize different sections of the yards throughout. (That's what our neighbor plans to do).

For more information on welded wire kennels and assembly, visit


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