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DIY: Fall Mantel Banner with Chicken Wire

Chicken Wire Banner

Does cooler weather have you itching for fall? Make this fall mantle banner using chicken wire and burlap!

School has started and it's finally time to bust out all things pumpkin spice and FALL! Deciding when to break out the fall decor has been a hot topic among design bloggers and I can see both sides. Some people want to enjoy the last few weeks of summer and not speed things up. Others have had their pumpkin candles lit since July. It's all about personal taste I think. Do what makes you happy and if you're not ready for fall yet--just bookmark this page for a later date and check out our other DIYs here.

One great thing about this fall banner is you can make it using leftover chicken wire and burlap from our fall wreath that we made the other week. The banner looks great strung across a mantle like we did or you could hang on an empty wall to spice up the decor for your next football party. This project is also super budget friendly with all the supplies except the chicken wire purchased from the Dollar Tree!

Project Time: 20 min

Estimated Budget: $5-$10

What You'll Need:

Burlap (we purchased the orange and brown burlap from the Dollar Tree)

Letters (Dollar Tree)

Step 1: Measure the letters and see how much burlap you will need. Our burlap was a little thin so we had to get creative and glue two peices together with our glue gun. We found the orange burlap at the Dollar Treep which was way cheaper than the burlap at other craft stores.

Step 2: Next, we measured our burlap reactangle and cut our chicken wire into a triangle-snipping off any sharp edges with our wire cutter.

Step 3: After your chicken wire has dried to your burlap, we glued out letters down on top of the chiken wire. We tried to glue the chicken wire to the burlap where the letters would lay so the glue doesn't show too much.

Fall DIY Chicken Wire Banner

Step 4: After your letters are glued down, you can trim away any excess burlap

Step 5: Take your burlap string and string the letters together at the top triangle of wire. See top left corner of photo

...and voila! You have a chicken wire banner ready to decorate your mantle or wall for the fall!

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