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DIY Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments

Learn how to make these DIY Christmas ornaments made from mason jar lids and chicken wire! So easy to make you'll be giving them out to everyone you know...

DIY farmhouse christmas ornament

There's always two camps of people; team holiday handmade and team splurge. If you've found yourself here chances are you're team homemade and we couldn't agree more! Whether you make a photo calendar for grandma or paint a special picture, it's always the homemade gifts that warm the heart the most.

So since now is the time of year where holiday crafting is in full swing and you're probably wondering how you can turn all this holiday creativity into presents? These rustic christmas tree ornaments made from chicken wire and mason jar lids are the perfect host/hostess gift and super easy to make!


  • Chicken wire

  • Mason jar lids

  • Wired Ribbon or regular ribbon

  • Christmas decor

  • Wire cutters

  • Gloves

  • Hot Glue

Step 1: Cut Out Small Piece of Chicken Wire

Cut out a small piece of chicken wire from your roll about 4 inches long and wide. Make sure to wear gloves as the chicken wire can be very sharp!

Step 2: Place Mason Jar Lid on Chicken Wire

Place the lid on top of the cut out piece of wire and with your wire cutters, snip around the mason jar lid so you have a circular piece of chicken wire. If you're working with wire that has a large 1in opening like we were--make sure to line it up so that a good portion of the grid is in the middle of the lid. The 2in opening chicken wire would probably be too large for a project like this so make sure you have a 1in or smaller opening.

Step 3: Fit Chicken Wire Into Lid Frame

Now gently push the chicken wire into the inside of the mason jar lid and tuck the sharp corners inside. Use hot glue to secure the wire corners to the inside rim.

Step 4: Attached Wire Ribbon

Once your wire is securely in place and looks good--attach you wire ribbon (or regular ribbon if you prefer--burlap string looks nice too). The ribbon will look nicer than a regular ornament wire hanger and will fit on any tree branch.

Step 5: Glue on Decorations

Now for the fun part--take whatever Christmas decor your picked out--Micheals has great bundles that people use for wreath making--and disect and glue the pieces you want on your ornament. This is a fun part to involve the kiddos and get their creative input!

And voila! You have a rustic and simple ornament you're sure to cherish for years to come. Make sure to share all of your creations on Instagram and tag us at @makerscorners!

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