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DIY Garden Watering System

Want to plant a garden but worried about watering everyday? Learn how to set up this super easy self watering system for your garden and watch your plants thrive!

There’s just something really special about the garden in the morning. Everyone has freshly been watered and as I pluck a few weeds and inspect each plant for growth, I feel as if they’re all saying “Look at me!” “Look what I grew last night!” And I get SO excited at the first glimpses of a little tomato or squash bud. It’s hard to believe we’ve only had our garden planted for a month and it’s grown so much already!

Because we’re on the go more this summer, we installed a self watering system for the garden last month when we planted our garden. It goes off every morning for about 5 minutes.

Here's what we used:

  • (1) long hose attached to the spigot

  • (1) two way splitter that hooks up to (2) six foot hoses

  • (2) automatic timers for hoses

Step 1: Run Long Hose

First you'll want to run a long hose from the main spigot. Our spigot is in the front of the house so we had to find the longest hose we could to run from the front to the back. The size you need depends on how far away your garden is from your spigot.

Step 2: Attach 2 Way Splitter Hoses

Next, you will place the end of your hose between your two garden beds and connect it to the two way splitter. Then, attached your (2) six foot hoses on either side. Place the ends of those hoses in each garden bed and connect the automatic timers to them.

Step 3: Set Timers

Make sure to place your timers in the middle of each garden bed and plant the sprinklers, facing the opposite direction so the whole area gets watered. We set ours to go off everyday at 8am for 5 minutes but you can adjust as you need. We live in a very hot and humid climate so the water does the plants well.

Check out our garden walkthrough video for full visuals!


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