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DIY: How to Make a Hanging Succulent Planter Wall

Looking for a fresh spin the on the traditional hanging succulent wall? Check out this easy and afforable DIY using succulents and chicken wire that will have your home ready for spring in no time!

We love a good Fiddle Fig tree but there is just something about the succulent trend that is so classic and we hope it never ends! The main reason for our love of succulents is they are virtually kill proof if you can seriously forget they are there and they just keep on shining. Succulents, like cacti, hoard water and can absorb water that's in the air. In fact, the main reason most succulents die is from over watering them. (Guilty!)

We live in a humid climate in South Carolina, so it's inevitable to have a humid home sometimes--despite our best efforts. So for this reason, succulents thrive in our home--especially in the kitchen where steam from cooking gives them all the moisture they need to thrive. Another great spot for succulents is in the bathroom where they can absorb all of the steam from showers. No matter where you decide to hang your succulent planter wall--we will show you how to make this easy succulent hanging wall in a few simple steps!


  • Chicken wire frame

  • Small pots (lightweight so they aren't too heavy for the frame)

  • Wire (a thicker gauge that's still flexible but can support the plants)

  • Hot glue

  • Wire cutter

  • Succulents (try to find one with baby succulents growing like we did)

  • Burlap

  • Scissors

  • Potting Soil

Step 1: Choose Your Succulents

Choosing the right succulents is very important for the lifespam of your plants. Make sure yours is healthy and if you're lucky like we were--you can find a succulent that has a few baby succulents in it tucked underneath that will grow into larger ones and you can eventually repot! We bought ours from a local nursery because we've always had good luck with plants living a long time from there.

Step 2: Construct Your Pots

We had some pots leftover from our seedling project that were lightweight so they fit perfectly for this project. We took the wire and poked through the back of the pot and out the other side so it would attach securely to the chicken wire frame. Then we took the burlap and wrapped it around the pot and secured it with the glue gun to give it some decoration.

Step 3: Plant Your Succulents

We recommend using bagged potting soil that has a lot of nutrients and fertilizer already in it. We planted the baby succulents in two pots by themselves and will transplants each to their own container once they take root. (How cute are they?!)

Step 4: Attach the Pots with Succulents

After you have watered the succulents a tiny bit, attach them to your chicken wire frame with the wire and twist the wire around in the back so it's secure. And voila! We are so excited to hang these succulents in our kitchen and attach some herbs pants to the mix soon. We will post updates as the baby succulents grow!


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