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DIY: Plant Stand Recycle

This DIY plant stand upcycle project will give you all sorts of inspiration for how you can transform yours with a little spray paint and chicken wire!

Some of the best projects come from items you have laying around the house already that just need a little TLC! We had this plant stand in the garage that needed a little sprucing up and after seeing some fruit bowls online made out of chicken wire--we were insired to make out own chicken wire baskets.

The plant stand itself was not very large so we couldn't use it to hold fruit in the kitchen like we origially intended but it looked cute on the front porch so we added some fall decor to it and voila! We also think it would look like in the spring with some green moss and succulents in them. Something similar to

our succulent hanging ball project that we did a few months ago.


  • Chicken Wire

  • Plant Stand

  • Spray Paint

  • Needle Nose Pliers

  • Wire Cutters

  • Gloves

  • Fall decor goodies to fill your baskets with

Step 1:

Probably the most fun step of all--spraypaint! We used a flat white color and chose Rust-Oleum since our plant stand had a good bit of rust at the bottom from being outdoors. We gave it a good two coats and let dry for about 45 minutes. Some spots you could see where the rust was peeling the new paint up a little bit but we didn't worry too much since we're planning on keeping it outside anyways. If you want it to be perfect, we recommend sanding down any chipping paint before spray painting.

Step 2:

Cut your chicken wire. We measured the diameter of the top opening and cut a square piece of chicken wire. Then we moulded it into a bowl shape and put the wire in the pot holder. Then we took our needle nose pliers and turned the extra pieces of wire so they curled underneath the plant holder an cut away any excess pieces.

Step 3:

Then we spray painted the wire baskets white so they matched the plant stand. And that's it! We added some fall leaves and pumpkins we had leftover from another project and it looks great on the front porch!

What do you think of this project? We'd love to hear how you decorate for the fall! And make sure to check out our other projects on our DIY/Crafts page.

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