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DIY: Thanksgiving Flower Centerpiece

Looking for DIY decor ideas for Thanksgiving? Learn how to make this year Thanksgiving centerpiece out of flowers and a craft box that is sure to wow your guests!

Thanksgiving Decor Flower Box

While we were browsing our local garden store--we came across several pre-made arrangements using fall flowers and white pumpkins and they were so pretty that we decided to make our own--and for half the price! All you'll need is some fresh (or fake) fall flowers, a box and some green moss to fill in any gaps.

We decided to put chicken wire on the front of our box to add a rustic feel and give it a little more decoration. This looks great as a centerpiece on your dining room table or you can add to your front steps decor as an easy way to mix in some green amoungst all the pumpkins!


Craft box

Wire Cutters


Green moss

Small pumpkin

Fall flowers

Step 1: Attach Chicken Wire to Box

First step is to take your roll of chicken wire and measure it out starting at the top side of the box and rolling it down. The best way to secure is to hook the wire over the top of the box and squeeze it over the sides with your gloves, then cut the wire at the bottom with your wire cutters and tuck it underneath the box.

Step 2: Secure Wire with Staple Gun

Once you have your wire cut, take your staple gun and staple the bottom of the wire to the box. Then stretch the wire upwards so the wire is taunt and fold it over the top, stapling the wire on the inside of the basket. Cut away any stray edges and be careful of sharp wire.

Step 3: Arrange Flowers and Moss in the Garden Box

It's easiest to keep the flowers in the pots since the lack of drainage on the bottom makes it hard for the plants to survive long term. Arrange your flowers so that there are varying heights and the box feels full and lush. Make sure they are watered and drained first before putting them in the box. Then add in your pumpkin and fill in any gaps with green moss. And voila! You have a centerpiece that is unique and will be sure to be the topic of conversation at Thanksgiving!


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