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DIY Trellis with Black Welded Wire

Learn how to make a vertical trellis for your garden using black welded wire and t-posts.

Vertical gardening is a huge trend we've seen this year. Whether you are looking to add some climbing plants along a blank wall or need more space in your garden, a vertical trellis will save you so much space and increase your vegetable yield. This spring our cucumbers completely overtook our garden! They were stretching across our garden walkway and headed towards our fence so we knew it was time to do something to give them a little extra support. We made a vertical trellis using black welded wire and t-posts and it was so easy!


Step 1: Install T-Posts

First, install your t-posts in the area you want your trellis. We installed ours about 6ft apart using a rubber mallet by simply hammering them in from the top. For 6ft H posts, it's recommended installing them about 18in into the ground.

Step 2: Measure and Cut Welded Wire

Once your posts are installed, measure how long your welded wire needs to be and cut the wire with wire cutters. Since the wire is vinyl coated, make sure your wire cutters are heavy duty. The vinyl coating is is great at preventing rust and corrosion which is always a bonus in the garden!

Step 3: Hook Welded Wire onto T-Posts

Lastly, you'll notice that the t-posts have tabs which are great for "hooking" the welded wire along the posts. We used a pair of pliers to press the tabs over the welded wire so it will stay in place. And then we trimmed any areas of extra fencing along the edges.

And Voila! You have a welded wire trellis for your cucumbers or any vining vegetable or plant. Check us out on Instagram to learn more about this garden trellis!


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