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Easy Fall Wreath Tutorial

Make this easy and budget friendly fall wreath with burlap and chicken wire!

I know, I know...summer isn't over yet but it's never too soon to start crafting for the fall! And while we do love summer, we also love all things pumpkin spice and football so we are excited for the coming months ahead. The front door is the first things your guests see when entering your home so it's important to keep it seasonal, warm and inviting.

We will show you how to make this easy diy fall wreath with just a few materials. Now is the time to buy seasonal decor at a huge discount--we scored some great artifical flowers and fall leaves from the dollar tree for about a total of $5! If you wait until Septemeber or October to visit Micheals or another local craft store for the fall--chances are it will be extremely picked over and you'll be getting the scraps.

Project time: 30 minutes

Estimated budget: $10-$15

What you'll need:

Rolls of burlap*

Fake flowers and fall leaves*

Wire Wreath*

Hot glue gun

Wire cutters


fall diy wreath

Step 1: Wrap Burlap Wreath

Like we said earlier--all of the supplies for this wreath except the chicken wire came from the Dollar Tree so this wreath was very budget friendly! The first step is to take your wire frame and wrap the burlap around it so it's completely covered--this will give you a smooth surface to glue. Kind of similar to the chicken wire cornucopia project we did last Thanksgiving.

Once you've wraped the frame, hot glue the remaining flap of burlap to the back of the frame so you can't see it.

Step 2: Cut out chicken wire for backing

We used 1 inch opening chicken wire for the backing of the wreath. Using your wire cutters, unfold the chicken wire against the back of the wreath and cut out along the edges. Then trim down the wire so it fits nicely on the back of the wreath and you can't see any edges from the front.

Step 3: Add fall flowers and leaves to the front

Now for the really fun part--arranging the flowers and fall decor on the front! We pulled some of the leaves off the stems and the flowers buds so they would lay nicely on the wreath. You might have to use the wire cutters to get the flower buds off the stems. You will want to arrange your fall leaves first as the "backdrop".

Next, we bundled some of the taller pieces--feathers, pine cone sticks and the beaded looking pieces and secured them to the wreath with a piece of burlap string. Then we took the larger flower buds and hot glued then to the center to cover the burlap string and kind of fill in the gaps. Continue filling in the gaps as you go and you can decide how large you want to make it. We went a little minimalisitc with ours but you can definitely add more.

Another fun idea would be to hang the wreath inside the home and use the center chicken wire area to display photos and cards! For more DIY/chicken wire craft ideas, visit our Create It page!


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