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Home and Garden Trends for 2022

We take a look ahead to see what emerging home and garden trends are on the horizon for 2022.

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While we realize it's almost the end of January--it's never too late to reflect and look ahead at what the year's trends will be! Also, we've recently learned about something called the one word resolution which is a new take on the traditional new years resolutions of the past. A one word resolution is choosing just one word to focus on for the new year. For example, it could be exercise or garden or self-care--whatever comes to mind first is probably what will work best. Once you have a word selected, you build habits and map out actions that will support your one word goal. The thought process behind this is to eliminate the loftiness of new years resolutions and realizing the fact that most people abandon them within a few weeks. By focusing on one word--you can achieve something that's less intimidating and see a big impact!

Now--what does this have to do with home and garden trends for 2022? WELL. As we did our research--we noticed a few common themes that can best be described in just a few words and they are: clean lines, nature, green, fresh, whimsical, orderly and sustainable. We're noticing that the outdoors are converging with the indoors more as people continue to spend more time at home and want to create an outdoor living space that breathes fresh air into their current space. We've compiled a few of the top emerging trends for 2022 and we'd love to hear what your favorite one is!

Top Emerging Home and Garden Trends

Black Fencing

Wood, vinyl or steel--doesn't matter the material just as long as it's black--it's in. Maybe everyone is tired of all the white brick and white interiors and the pendulum has swung but black fences are definitely having there moment and we're here for it! The dark background can elevate any patio or living space and adds a clean slate feel.

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Outdoor Living Spaces

As people continue to spend more time at home, they are looking for ways to create additional living spaces using the resources they have. That is where outdoor living spaces come in. Outdoor couches, cozy seating arrangements, twinkly lights, gravel patios--all contribute to building a second living room that your family and friends can enjoy without the extra expense of a full blown renovation.

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Gravel Paths and Walkways

Gravel, neat lines, manicured walkways--2022 is all about organized chaos with some whimsical plants sprinkled in throughout. Horizontal fence lines polish off this trend of a neat and orderly layout.

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Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds are a great way to garden in a small space or if you want to garden longer in a fickle climate. Plants and vegetables tend to flourish in raised garden beds because the soil temperature warms up quicker than the ground and is easier to regulate. You can also easily add fertilizers and compost without tilling any hard ground and running into roots, etc.

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Outdoor Movies

Outdoor movies are such a fun way to entertain the spend some quality time outdoor with the whole family! Simply hang a sheet and put out your projector and voila. Cozy blankets and seating with snack are always a plus too. Outdoor movies are also another way to create a second living space outside the four walls of your home.

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We are big fans of classic, timeless style but also love to be inspired by the excitement that comes along with new and fresh ideas. Which trends is your favorite for 2022?


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