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How to Install a Garden Fence

A few weeks ago we told you how to make a raised garden bed so this week we're talking about how you can protect your hard work with the No Dig Multi Purpose Fence! The No Dig fence is a very easy to install garden fence that can be tailored to fit your specfic needs. Lightweight, durable and like the name--no digging required for installation!


No Dig Multi Purpose Fence Panel (each panel is 3.6 ft. H x 3 ft. W)

Mallet (not required but helpful)

*Depening on how many linear feet of fence you have, will determine how many posts/fence panels you will need. You will only need 1 latch/gate post however.

Step 1:

Lay out your fence panels and posts on the ground so you can see how they will fit. This will help during installation in making sure you have enough fence panels and posts to go all the way around. Each fence panel is 3 feet wide, so divide the total linear feet by the 3 feet to determine how many panels you will need.

Step 2:

Starting at the corners, line up your fence panels and slip the fence post through the interconnecting holes. Simply push the fence post into the ground and use a mallet or a block of wood and a hammer to drive the post securely into the ground. We recommened lightly pushing the fence posts into the ground and then once the fence is complete, go back and fully drive posts all of the way down.

Step 3:

After you've finished the corners, continue using the fence posts to connect each panel.

Step 4:

Insert the gate/latch post on the side that you want the gate to swing open. Remember to not drive this post into the ground as it will need to open. Simply drop post through the holes and the latch part will rest on the top of the opening as shown below.

Step 5:

Enjoy your garden fence! This versatile fence can serve many purposes including small pet containment, garden pet protection and portable fencing.


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