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How to Install a Heavy Duty Dog Kennel

Learn how to install this Heavy Duty Kennel to give your pup the space the deserve and need to enjoy the outdoors!

**Make sure to always have a shaded area for your pup during the hot summer months**

Our friend recently needed an outdoor space for her pup to enjoy so we constructed the new Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Kennel from Menards in her backyard and it was SO easy. It truly took about 3 steps to set up. As a tip, because the kennel is heavy duty, you will need two people to carry and assemble the panels.

The kennel features a protective powder coating so it won't rust overtime and can withstand the outdoor elements. The 6 gauge and 1- 5/8" Diameter of Frame Tubing help reinforce the kennel and are what sets it apart from other lighter duty kennels.

Items Needed:

Step 1: Cut Panel Clamps Packaging from Panel

The first step is to cut off the zip ties that are attached to the panels and unscrew the panel clamp. Keep all of the pieces because you will need them.

Step 2: Lay Out Panels into Configuration

Next, lay out your panels so you can easily pull the panels up and connect them together. This helps get your spacing right too.

Step 3: Assemble Panels with Clamps

After you have your layout, line of two panels together and put one panel clamp on each side. Put the screw between the two clamps and tighten (slightly for now) with a wrench. Make sure to the put screw facing OUT so that if you dog jumps, he doesn't hurt his/her paw on the end of the screw. You will use two clamps to connect each panel--one at the top of one towards the bottom. See the third picture above for placement. Once you're finished, then go back and tighten all of the screws so they are secure with your wrench.

Install on Cement Too!

Before we decided on a final location, we set up the kennel on the cement patio and it works great there too! The 1in leg clearing allows for easy clean up too. All around, a great kennel!

We also made an installation video:


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