How to Install Plant Props from Home Depot

Revive your drooping plants with the 18in, 24in or 36in plant prop that blends in seamlessly with your garden.

Most flowers shoot for the stars. They stand at attention, stretching their leaves towards the sun like out-stretched hands asking to be lifted up. While other flowers simply can't hang and droop over after a light rain or growth spurt. Well that's where a magically little thing called the plant prop comes in.

How to Install the 18in Plant Prop Video

Offering the support and of a light duty stake without the ugly ties or clashing colors. The plant prop is a powder coated (read rust resistant) stake (for a lack of better word) used to hook around your flower's stem and keep them standing straight. The green color blends in nicely with almost any garden and you will hardly see them unless you're really looking for them.

How to Install the 24in Plant Prop Video

When we added flowers to our front bed, we noticed immediately that our snapdragons and lilies needed some extra help. The Yellow Flowers Millennium Gold Calla Lily was almost laying flat on the ground it was so wilted over. But the 24in plant prop did the trick!

How to Install the 36in Plant Prop Video

How to Install a Plant Prop--Step by Step:

Step 1: Insert stake (by holding it firmly at the bottom) and push into the ground so it doesn't bend

Step 2: Hook the top loop part around the flower stem so it fully supports it

Step 3: Adjust as needed and voila!

It's important to note that these are NOT recommended for Tomato Plants or plants that are super top heavy. These are only intended for light duty flowers.