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How to Install the Mini Multi-Purpose Fence

Learn how to install the No Dig Mini Multi-Purpose Fence around your raised garden bed or chicken coop area in a few easy steps!

In January, you might remember we bought three chickens right before the pandemic struck. We were clueless (and still fairly are) as to what kind of set up the chickens would need but we started with a standard coop we found on Wayfair.

Then we added on the standard sized Multi-Purpose Fence and while that gave us a good amount of extra space--we wanted to give the chickens a little more room to roam since their free ranging in the backyard was getting to be a little much (read: chicken poop constantly on the patio). That's where the Mini Multi-Purpose Fence comes in and we have been so pleased! It's so easy to install with no cement or hole digging required--just simply pound in the spiked, metal stakes with a rubber mallet.


Rubber Mallet

Step 1: Measure Area

First order of business is to measure the area you want to enclose. The Mini MPF are 2.8in wide so you and you will want to add a little extra space for the posts between each panel. The typical rule of thumb is you will need two posts for every panel (one on each side) except for the wherever you decide to install your gate latch.

Step 2: Lay Panels Out Flat

Before you start, lay out your panels and posts to make sure you have enough for your project. Planning out your project will help you determine any gaps or uneven surfaces that you may need to address.

Step 3: Connect Panels with Posts

Next, starting the end, install one post through the panel on each side and hammer in post about halfway with a rubber mallet. You want to wait until the end to hammer the posts all of the way in, just in case you need to readjust something.

Step 4: Hammer in Posts

Once you have all of the posts and panels installed, go back and hammer in your posts all of the way into the ground so the panels are secure and not wobbly. Here is an installation video for the larger Multi-Purpose Fence that is the same principal, just with the larger posts. Overall, the chickens have been VERY happy with their extra outdoor space! We live how the Mini MPF is smaller in height so our 5 year old daughter can easily reach over the fence to throw treats or food into their area and we can easily bend over the fence. Plus, the varying heights adds a nice aesthetic.

For more garden fencing tips, make sure to visit the Garden section of our blog. Happy Making!


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