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How to Install the No Dig Cedar Fence

Learn how to install the Yardlink No Dig Cedar Fence in just minutes--the perfect garden fence that doesn't require any cement or hole digging!

If you're looking for a new garden fence with a little more style than regular welded wire--you NEED to check out the new No Dig Cedar Fence. It just came out this spring/summer and literally took about 10 minutes to install (with the help of a friend ;)

It's been all over Instagram lately. People are using it to go around their raised garden beds or vegetable gardens mostly but also makes a great front or backyard fence. Below, Kate Bowler with @domestikateblog on instagram installed the fencing around her raised garden bed to section off her garden from her outdoor eating area. I love how it blends in so nicely with the surroundings and blooming flowers!

Photo Credit: @domestikateblog

How to Install the No Dig Cedar Fence

Step 1: Install Gate First

First you'll want to layout your fence panels flat on the ground so you can get a rough idea of how many panels and how much space you'll need. Then, start with the gate so that you can work your way out from there and you don't run out of room later.

Step 2: Drive Spike Into the Ground

To install the gate panel (and any fence panel), first remove the stake portion from the post and with a block and hammer, pound the stake into the ground.

Step 3: Connect Panels with Post

Once the stake is installed, hold two panels together and connect with a fence post.

Step 4: Use Rubber Mallet to Drive Post Into the Ground

Next, take the rubber mallet and hammer down the post so that the fence is secure and won't blow over easily in the wind.

And that's it! As you can see in our video here, it takes minutes to install. The cedar also weathers nicely over time and will have a golden honey look in just a few weeks. For more information, visit


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