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How to Install the Small Empire Garden Border

Freshen up your garden with a wrought-iron inspired garden border that is easy to install and budget friendly!

Empire Garden Border

We all have that area of the yard that needs a little something extra but you just can't place your finger on what it is. Well we had that area near our front yard flower bed and needed a way to keep our dogs out of the flowers and kids from picking all the roses. We found this black hard border from Expert Gardener on and it is the perfect solution for what we need!

At only $4/panel, this border is very afforable and we ended up using about 6-8 of them. The empire border features a wrought iron look with pointed decorative finials on top and a 2-rail design. A powder coated finish helps prevent rusting and chipping and protects the border from the weather elements. The panels are extremely easy to connect with a hook and hole on each side of the panel (see bottom right picture). Below we outline the steps to easily and quickly install the garden border.


Total Project time: 20 minutes

Step 1: Lay Out Your Panels

To avoid mis-measuring or judging the distance you need covered, we recommend laying out your panels on the ground before you start your project so you can see exactly how many you will need. You can connect then and then lay them flat.

Step 2: Gently Insert Panels Into the Ground

On each side of the garden border are spiked feet that you simple have to push into the ground. We recommened starting at the end and gently inserting the panels in case you need to re-adjust. You can hammer them in more at the end.

Step 3: Connect Panels and Adjust as Needed

On each side of the panels you will see a hook that connect to the next panel side. Gently connect two panels and then drive them into the ground together. If your soil is rocky or hard--you can try watering it with a watering can to soften the soil.

Step 4: Hammer Panels down with Rubber Mallet

Once you have all of your panels up, take a rubber mallet and hammer the spikes all the way into the ground until the garden border is sturdy and won't blow over easily.

And now you have a sophisticated, updated garden! For more garden border styles, try the Diamond Border or the Iris Border by Expert Gardener.

Small Empire Garden Border


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