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How to Make A Wire Grid Photo Display For Your Home Office

Learn how to make this black grid wire board for your home office using just welded wire and spray paint!

As we head into winter, you may be coming to terms with the fact that we're going to be working from home a little longer than originally anticipated and it's time to give your work from home space some love. The kitchen table is no longer cutting it and you're craving an area that will allow you to really focus.

At least we feel that way. Since we spent most of the spring and summer playing outside in the garden, the colder temps are forcing us to turn inward and get serious about setting up a home office. We wanted to create a space that would not only be more functional and permanent but also a reflection of our style and work within our budget.

As we delved into the deep, dark interwebs of Pinterest to see what work from home setups we liked best, we saw a reoccurring theme for wire mood boards and photo holders. One of our favorites was a Pottery Barn geo design wire board. At the price tag of $59 we thought we might be able to recreate the look for a little bit less.

We looked into our garage and found some leftover welded wire we used when we made our press in garden fence border project. In three easy steps we were on our way to curating our perfect work from home office space.


Spray Paint



Heavy Duty Wire Cutters


Step 1: Measure and Cut Wire

First, roll our the amount of wire you think you'll need and cut it. Then bend the wire in the opposite direction to help flatten it out. You can lay it flat on the ground with something flat on top and leave overnight to help it flatten. The gauge of the wire is pretty thick though so it should flatten out easily. We cut our bulletin board 24in tall and 18in wide but you can make whatever design works for your office needs.

Step 2: Spray Paint Wire

We went with Rustoleum black spray paint in a matte finish for a more industrial look. Make sure you buy spray paint that is compatible with metal so it will stick properly. And for wire cutters, you'll need heavy duty ones so they can cut through the thick gauge wire. After cutting out the shape, spray paint one side and let dry 1-2 hours before flipping it to spray paint the other side and any areas you've missed.

Step 3: Hang Wire and Attach Photos

We kept installation simple and hammered in two nails at the top of the grid to serve as "hooks" and place the wire grid over it. You could get fancier if you wanted to but we liked the simplistic look of it and you can easily cover up the nails with photos/cards.

And voila! Your work from home space is instantly transformed into an industrial chic tech start up work pod ;)


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