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Maker Spotlight: Angela Judd with Growing in the Garden

We discovered Angela Judd through Instagram and fell in love with her color rich photos of fresh vegetables and fruit. Her garden always seems to be overflowing leafy greens and color veggies. Since our blog, Makers Corners, focuses on three main areas-- Create It (DIY Projects), Grow it (Garden Projects) and Fix It (Home Projects) we decided to feature a maker who is well versed in the Grow It arena and makes gardening look so easy!

Located in Arizona, Angela Judd is a mother of 5 and a certified Master Gardener. According to her blog she's, "been featured in Phoenix Home and Garden, Family Fun, Human’s Who Grow Food, and as an “Inspiring Grower” on Angela is a regular contributor to Master Gardener publications and She shares inspiration and tips to help home gardeners successfully grow their own garden."

Angela also shares great tip for beginner gardenrs on how to start a garden and has blog posts with topics including: Organic Pest Prevention, How to Thin Fruit Trees, How to Grow Luffah Sponges and 5 Tips for Summer Squash.

And as for her Instagram, the imagery of her photos pull you in with the beautiful array of colors and you can almost smell the freshness of the veggies. We love Angela's simple approach to gardening and hope you do too! What's your favorite thing to grow?

Visit our Grow It page for more garden tips.

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