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Maker Spotlight: Lily Ardor - DIY Blogger

At Makers Corners our goal is to inspire fellow DIYers through craft, home and garden projects. We believe that every maker has something to offer and letting your creative light shine through your projects is what it's really all about! So we've decided to start a "Maker Spotlight" where once a month we will feature a fellow maker and tell you all of the reasons they are awesome and why you should follow them.

Chicken Wire Frame Craft

Our first Maker we are featuring on Makers Corners is Lily Ardor, a DIY Blogger, Mama and Influencer. Her projects all have a crisp, fresh aesthetic and are so simple--something we love! All of her projects seem Pinterest fail proof and if they aren't she's not afraid to tell you where she cut corners and what did and did not work throughout the process. She also works with chicken wire occasionally and you all know that's one of our favorite mediums! ;)

Lily Ardor Instagram Feature

She shares her personal story on her blog and what led her to where she is today in her creative journey as a Maker. It's inspiring, uplifting and a good reminder that making--whether it's crafting or gardening or fixing your gutters--should be a fulfilling experience and a creative outlet. Even if the project doesn't turn out the way you want it to, you are getting out there and doing something that "fills your cup" and provides joy to the outside world and that's what Makers Corners is all about! Enjoy and comment below with any Makers you love to follow and think we should feature!

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