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Maker Spotlight- Lolly Jane

Shining a Maker Spotlight on a couple of fellow Makers who inspire us through their creativtiy and give us wonderful new diy/home decor ideas!

Lolly Jane fall wreath

Hi Maker friends! Happy Thursday. We've had a busy week of project planning and gathering research/inspiration can be almost as fun as doing the projects themsevles. We love seeing how everyone else decorates their front porch, what fall means to them and how they interpret the changing of seasons. But it can be easy to fall down the Pinterest rabbit hole--anyone else do that? One minute you've got your cup of joe and have armed yourself with a project list and the next minute you're reading "5 Ways To Give Your Dog a Bath." I mean...?! Oh well--I suppose there are worse problems and its really part of the creative process we suppose.

Meet the Makers

This month we're shining our Maker Spotlight on a couple of adorable, DIY twins named Kristi and Kelli of the blog Lolly Jane. They live in Arizona with their families and came up with the name Lolly Jane from a childhood nickname. They have been around the DIY space for years but contribute regular, fresh and fun inspiration for the home.

Fun DIY project Ideas and Inspiration

For example, we LOVE the fall wreath they made out of a faux bicycle wheel and mixed pumpkins and bright flowers to make the transition from summer to fall a little easier. And the velvet pumpkins (which we've been eyeing similar ones at Target all week and might have to break down and get them from the dollar section) are such a fun and trendy touch on the traditional fall decor.

And their Instagram is SO fun to scroll through. They offer drool worthy images while keeping it personal with thoughtful captions and admitting life isn't perfect through quotes that cause all moms to say, "I HEAR YA." We've noticed a lot of other makers struggle with maintaining the perfect Instagram grid but also allowing/admitting not everything is sunshine and roses. Should you post that messy room pic on your stories or own up and post it on your feed? By saying that you'll only post the messy parts to your stories does that admit that you're still subconciously holding onto the ideal of perfection you want to portray? It's a juggle for sure but the maker community is such a fun and positive one--it's worth all the struggles!

Decorating for Fall

This leads us to wonder--what's your favorite item to decorate with for the fall? Some of our favorite pieces we made last year is our chicken wire cornucopia and chicken wire placemat. When you make a tablscape or decorate a corner of your home--it becomes such a fun conversation starter when entertaining and not to mention brings you joy everytime you see it! Have a great weekend!


Makers Corners Team

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