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Spring Garden Makeover with Flower Bed Borders

Learn how to make your backyard look professionaly landscaped by adding this easy to install garden border along the edge of your flower beds!

WalmartvGarden Border

Looking for a way to give your backyard or flower bed a little refresh? With winter finally over, (we're in the Southeast so we really can't complain too much) we were itching to do something outside in the sunshine! And what better place to get started than with the flower beds?

A flower bed refresh can seem like a daunting task at first--so many plants to choose from and do you choose mulch or pinestraw? And finally, how do you keep the dogs from destroying the garden bed the next day? Well we've answered all those questions with our flower bed refresh using these great garden borders from Walmart called the Diamond Garden Border by Expert Gardener.

What you'll need:


Step 1: Clean up garden bed

We were able to find everything we needed from Walmart and already had a few garden tools handy. You can see below that our flower bed had some leaves and surprisingly, a lot of roots, so we had to dig up a lot of those with our garden shovel or clippers.

Step 2: Plant Flowers

Once we cleaned the bed, we used out potting soil mix and transplanted our plants. Make sure to dig your hole deep enough so the flowers are flush to the ground when you put them inside. Another tip is to break up the roots prior to planting so they can soak up all the nutrients from the potting soil quickly. All of the flowers were from Walmart including the English Lavender and Rosemary--all around $3 each!

Step 3: Spread the Mulch

We chose to go with a red mulch so that the black garden border would really pop but dark brown mulch or pinestraw would also look really nice!

Step 4: Install the Diamond Garden Border

The lightweight borders have a wrought iron look to them but are actually a powder coated steel so they are very rust and weather resistant. The borders were very easy to install by simply driving the bottom feet into the ground and connecting the panels through the loops at the bottom.

And voila! We love the way the garden border sections off the flower bed from the rest of the yard and keeps the kids and dogs from getting in and destroying it.


Which do you prefer? Landscape edging or garden borders or nothing at all? We'd love to hear how your spring projects are coming along! Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Pinterest too for all sorts of projects using the hashtag #makerscorners to share your DIYs and makeovers.


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