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Top Home Decor Trends for 2019

From painted floors to vertical gardens, see what the top interior design trends are for 2019 and what may surprise you...

New year, new styles! Nothing like a good Christmas purge to get you re-inspired with fresh new looks for the home. Has anyone else notice It seems this year that the fad of the "New Year, New Me" mentality if shifting a little bit from "how much can I do" to "how much can I not do?" in 2019. And we're all about that.

Maybe people are realizing that lofty resolutions don't always yield the best results and that slow and steady does always win the race. Maybe people are getting burnt out with the hustle, grind, repeat culture that has developed at lightening speed. Always be "on" can be exhausting and is with technology constantly begging your attention 24/7 (emails on cell phones, text alerts, news alerts... you name it) maybe this will be the year that people are finally realizing while we can't stop the world from evolving--we can start saying "no" and limiting things in areas that need limiting.

Like any good home and garden blog, we researched what the top 2019 trends were and were pleasantly surprised to find a lot of slower paced trends. Painted floors, greenery and calm vibes are all the rage for 2019 and we couldn't be happier.

Chicken Wire Frame by Holy City Chic

Photo by: Holy City Chic

Rustic Nursery

This one surprised us a little but we loved how Charleston blogger, Holy City Chic, incorporated a chicken wire frame into her son's Peter Rabbit themed birthday party. And on Pinterest, sure enough, you will notice that nursery decor has a bit of softer look with rustic flowers and soft prints. Muted colors are still popular but pops of color are also favorable. We outline how to make a chicken wire frame in a recent blog post.

Painted Floors

One of the top DIY trends of 2018--painting your floor with stencil-- is spilling over into 2019 and we aren't mad about it. Painting is such an economical and easy alternative to laying tile or wood flooring and the end result is stunning!

Vertical Gardens

Photo by:

If you have a small backyard or live in an urban community, vertical gardens are your best friend. We love the economical aspect and eco-friendly idea of jam packing as much garden goodness into one space as you can. Chicken wire and welded wire make great backdrops to attach pots to.

Indoor Plants

Photo by: Sarah Baynes

We researched this one because we have not hopped on the Fiddle Fig bandwagon yet but it's safe to say--we still can! Indoor plants are still all the rage for 2019 as they add so much life to a room and help keep the air clean and fresh. What's your favorite indoor plant?

Whether you decide to go with all of these styles or none--we wish you all a happy and fresh start to the New Year!!


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