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What Type of Ag Fence Is Best?

Learn the different types of agricultural fence and what style is best suited for your project.

After a recent visit to a friend's family farm in rural South Carolina--we were intrigued by all of the different types of agricultural fencing that is out there. It can be easy to get confused and not know what type of agricultural wire fencing you need--so we've broken down the three main types and their features.

Woven Field Fence #1

There are many different types of woven fence but this style here features two types of knots. The first knot features a vertical wire that wraps around the horizontal wires at each intersection. This gives the fence exceptional flexibility. It may give a little under pressure, but it always snaps back into place. This allows the fence to move without breaking.

The second knot prevents buckling and sagging. This type of fence is a popular choice for anyone who wants a more rigid fence. This knot uses a small piece of wire to “hug” both the horizontal and vertical wires at each intersection. With this knot in place, your fence will be more resistant to buckling or sagging, and it will even be smooth to the touch. The small "hill" in the horizontal wire, allows for the fence to stretch with the heat and contract with the cold weather.

This type of woven fence is available at Lowes in a variety of sizes.

Woven Field Fence #2

This type of field fence only features the type of knot that allows the fence to move without breaking. This flexibility makes the fence ideal for field and farm fencing. The knot is designed to bend – but not break – against animal impacts, so your fence can withstand hogs or cattle pressing against the fence.

This type of woven fence is available at Lowes in a variety of sizes.

Woven Horse Fence

The horse fence is ideal guessed it...horses! The wire roll features a 10 gauge top wire and a 12.5 gauge wire filler in the middle of the fence. The rectangular pattern on the fence allows for a firm sturdiness to keep horses safely contained. The galvanized steel material helps prevent rust and corrosion. This type of fencing is ideal for install with heavy duty u-posts or wooden posts if you're looking for a more permanent solution.

Woven horse fence is available in a variety of sizes at Lowes.


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