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How to Make a Cornucopia Using Chicken Wire

Chicken wire cornucopia

A cornucopia is a cone shaped basket that symbolizes an abundance or bounty of something, typically referring to food. Around the Thanksgiving holiday, people often decorate with cornucopias (traditionally made with a goat's horn) as centerpieces overflowing with vegetables and gourds.

You can buy a cornucopia from any local craft store but it's more fun and economical to make your own! We will show you step by step how to make a cornucopia using chicken wire and burlap to add creative flair to your Thanksgiving decor.

Estimated Project Time: 30-45 minutes

Supplies needed for project


1 Roll of Burlap (3 yards)


Hemp Twine

Measuring Tape

Glue Gun + Glue

Heavy Duty Gloves

Wire Cutters

Needle Nose Pliers

Measuring Tape



Step 1: Cut the Chicken Wire

First, roll out the chicken wire and cut with wire cutters a piece that is roughly 21 inches by 35 inches. Use something to anchor the chicken wire when measuring since it has the tendency to roll up.

You can adjust this size depending on how large you want to make your cornucopia. Be sure to use heavy duty gloves or silicon finger tips because the ends of the wires can be very sharp!

Step 2: Shape Into a Cone

Next, roll the wire into a cone shape and interlock the end pieces together, bending with the needle nose pliers so that the cone holds its shape. There will be a long piece sticking out towards the end of the cone and that will serve as the bottom of the cornucopia. Use this bottom part to hold your fruit and vegetables.

Step 3: Bend in Sharp Pieces and Shape Bottom

Make sure to bend in any sharp pieces that are sticking out, especially around the opening of the cone. Then shape the bottom of the cone to look like a horn by squeezing the wire with your palm. The exact shape of the cone doesn't have to be perfect since you will be covering it with burlap.

Step 4: Glue Burlap Inside and Out To Cover Chicken Wire

Start by wrapping the inside with burlap. Put one strip of burlap into the cone and fold over the outside of the cone. Glue the folded piece of burlap to the chicken wire. Repeat all the way around the cone until the inside is covered and you have the rim of the cornucopia covered with burlap.

Next, starting at the top, wrap the cornucopia with the burlap and work your way down to the smallest part until the entire cone is covered. Tuck and glue any pieces as needed. Don't worry too much if it doesn't look perfect since you will have the raffia and other display items surrounding it.

Step 5: Make Raffia Bow

Gather a few pieces of raffia and cut the amount you'd like. Lay the pieces of raffia flat on the table and wrap a piece of hemp twin around the center. Tie the twine into a knot and cut the end pieces. Then glue the raffia center onto the top of the cornucopia.

Step 6: Stuff Cornucopia with Fruits and Vegetables of Choice

This is where you can let your imagination run wild! We chose to go with a more mediterranean harvest of artichoke and grapes and sprinkled in some carrots, corn and pumpkins. Whatever you choose to stuff the cornucopia with, just remember to make sure it has the overflowing, bountiful look. We used leftover pieces of burlap underneath as a table runner and the rest of the raffia spread throughout.

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