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Thanksgiving Decor - Chicken Wire Placemats

As you are putting the final touches on your Thanksgiving tablescape, you may be looking for the perfect placemat to display your feast. This easy, DIY placemat using chicken wire and spray paint will give your table that farmhouse, rustic feel look you're looking for.

Material Needed:

-1/2 inch chicken wire

-Gold spraypaint

-Needlenose pliers

-Wire cutters

-Coiled wire



Step 1:

Measure how large you want your placemat to be. We measured ours 17 inches long by roughly 12 inches wide but you can adjust to whatever size you need. Wearing heavy duty gloves to protect your hands, carefully cut the chicken wire.

Step 2:

Next, take your coiled wire and unroll the wire along the edges of the placemat where the wire is sticking out. With your needle nose pliers, wrap the protruding pieces of wire around the coiled wire to create a border all the way around the mat.

Step 3:

Lay your chicken wire flat outside on newspaper and spray paint with gold paint. Once one side is dry, don't forget to flip over and spray paint the other side! Make sure there aren't any sharp pieces sticking out.

Step 4:

Once dry, arrange on your table and you are all set! Guests will be charmed by your rustic and original decor and you can brag about how easy it was to make!

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