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DIY: Snowflake Ornament Using Hardware Cloth

Looking for an easy holiday project or gift? This DIY snowflake ornament made out of hardware cloth is so simple to create and makes a great hostess gift or stocking stuffer! Hardware cloth has many applications throughout the home including gutter guards, soffit covers, crawlspace covers and chicken coups but there are so many crafts you can make with it as well. We will show you how to make this hardware cloth snowflake ornament in just three easy steps!


supplies for snowflake diy project

Craft glue

Craft glitter

Sponge brush


Metallic thread

Wire cutters

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hardware cloth
craft glue

Step 1:

hardware cloth snowflake

Cut a square of hardware cloth from the roll measuring 8 squares on each side. Be careful not to cut yourself on the sharp edges of the hardware cloth! Then make the necessary cuts in the hardware cloth, mimicking the picture below. If you have a different pattern in mind, feel free to get creative and cut whatever design you like.

Step 2:

Paint the hardware cloth with craft glue using the sponge brush and them dip into the glitter on each side. Let dry for 10 minutes and re-apply as needed.

Step 3:

Thread your ornament with the metallic thread and hang on your tree!

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