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DIY Holiday Project: Greenery Chicken Wire Hanging Basket

So you've already made your perfect holiday wreath with your fresh tree trimmings but still have a few leftovers you want to use? This easy chicken wire DIY hanging basket project is the perfect way to add that fresh pine smell throughout your home! Bonus: these make great hostess gifts for all of those holiday parties!


Supplies needed for chicken wire hanging basket diy project

1/2 inch chicken wire

Floral wire

Wire cutters

Tape measure


Tree trimmings


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chicken wire
needle nose pliers

Step 1:

Unroll your 1/2 inch roll of chicken wire and measure about cut out a 12 inch square. On one corner of the square, cut out another square measuring about 4 inches on each side so you have almost an "L" shape. See photos for close-up details. Then, spray paint your section of chicken wire a gold color to give it a festive look. Make sure to spray paint each side evenly.

chicken wire basket

Step 2:

Next, roll the chicken wire into a cone shape, and interlocking the loose ends of chicken wire so that the cone holds its shape and there are no wires poking out. You can use needle nose pliers to wrap the lose ends around the cone to make it more secure.

Step 3:

Take the floral wire and cut a 12 inch piece. Wrap each end of wire around the top part of the basket to create a handle. Next, wrap a few pieces of raffia around the top center wire to create a bow.

Step 4:

Fill with fresh tree trimmings to give your home that fresh pine scent! If you don't have any leftover trimmings around your home, you can go to any tree stand/farm or home improvement store and they will normally let you take home the scraps for free! Which is nice because who doesn't like free?! After filling with greenery you can add a pinecone or any other flair you'd like. For more DIY holiday craft ideas, visit our DIY/Crafts page.

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