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DIY: 5 Projects Using Chicken Wire

Chicken wire adds an element of farmhouse décor and creativity to almost any project. The lightweight and flexible material makes it extremely easy to work with. We’ve compiled a list of five easy ways you can use chicken wire for your home projects!

chicken wire bulletin board

Bulletin Board This easy project allows you to organize your office or kitchen by keeping all cards and memos in one place! All you have to do is find an empty frame, paint or finish to your liking, and staple the chicken wire to the back of the frame.

Wreath frame With wreaths being a major décor trend these days, this is a fun and chic way to display your wreaths for any season! Just follow the instructions for making the bulletin board and then attach your wreath to the center.

Turn an Old Drawer Into a Cabinet Now all those old drawers you see at thrift stores and garage sales can be put to good use! All you need for this easy project is a drawer, framing, hinges and chicken wire. Visit this blog to see step by step instructions.

Flower Arrangements Flowers add so much life to a home and now you can arrange them with the help of chicken wire across the top of the vase. Just attach the chicken wire to the top of a mason jar lid on the inside and screw back onto the jar—et voila!

Jewelry Organizer A great way to display all of your jewelry in one place! This project follows the same steps as creating a picture frame. Tip- make sure to use the smallest chicken wire possible so you can fit a lot of jewelry. We recommend the 1/8th opening hardware cloth.


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