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5 Ways to Use the No Dig Multi-Purpose Fence

Learn how to install the No Dig Multi Purpose Fence and the key features that make this fencing such a versatile product for the garden!

Whether you're traveling and need a quick play area for your pet to roam or want to enclose an area of your yard, the Multi-Purpose Fence is a veratile fencing solution that is both afforable and very easy to install. With no digging required or cement-- you can quickly install the multi purpose fence by hammering the posts (with stakes on the end) into the ground with a rubber mallet. You can choose the length of your fence by purchasing the panels, posts and latch separately.

Some key features of the multi purpose fence:

  • Powder coating finish makes it extremely weather resistant and helps prevent rust

  • Lightweight material makes it easy to handle/install

  • Sleek design blends in well with surroundings and gives a modern look

  • Budget friendly

  • Collapsable design makes it easy to transport and store

  • Spikes stakes make it easy to install (no concrete/ digging and don't have to be a pro to install it!)

5 Ways to Use the No Dig Multi-Purpose Fence

1.) Garden Bed Fence

Secure your hard earned garden with the multi purpose fence to keep critters our of the garden for good. We installed the fence around a herb raised garden bed that we made last spring and it's help together well so far! View full install video here.

2.) Around AC Unit

Have an unsightly HVAC unit that you're looking to disguise? The multi purpose fence is an easy fix to keep kids or animals away from the unit without breaking the bank. You could also grow ivy or climbing plants up the fence to help cover the HVAC unit--just make sure the vines stay trimmed back and our of the HVAC fan.

3.) Light Duty Yard Fence

Everyday Old House blogger wrote a great article about how she used the multi purpose fence as backyard fencing. While it's not a permanent solution--it was a great option for them to install something quickly and easily to keep their pets and kids contained. The modern look also earned her admiration from her neighbors and she's receiving tons of compliments. Read her top reasons for choosing the MPF on her blog here.

4.) Compost Bin

It's easy to overthink composts bins with people spending hundreds of dollars on a fancy barrel. When all you really need is a contained area for your compost materials and one that can breathe to help airate and grow the nurtients that make compost so wonderful. The grid pattern of the MPF allow air to flow freely through the compost and is a quick and afforable composting solution. Read our full blog post on how to build a compost bin using the MPF here.

5.) Temporary Pet Pen

This multi purpose fence is great for setting up a quick play area for your pet in your backyard or if you're traveling and need something to temporarily contain them. Watch the full video here on how to set up the multi purpose fence for your pup.


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