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DIY Chicken Wire Kitchen Utensil Holder

Looking to add some more organization to your home in the new year? Well, last week we made a DIY chicken wire jewelry holder and this week we repurposed the project into something you can use for the kitchen! Chicken wire in the kitchen is quickly becoming a popular home decor trend for 2018 and can be used in the form of wire baskets, inside cabinet doors and for organizing kitchen utensils such as this chicken wire frame used to hold measuring spoons.

DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Utensil Holder

supply list


Chicken Wire

Empty Frame

Staple Gun

Gold Spray Paint (optional)


Wire Cutters

Ornament hangers

Step 1:

Follow Steps 1-3 of our post from last week about how to make the chicken wire frame.

Step 2:

Add your kitchen utensils and hook the to the chicken wire frame using the wire ornament hangers. Another idea is to use a larger frame for kitchen utensils such as spatulas and large spoons and hang near the stove.

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