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Holiday Centerpiece DIY

Looking for easy holiday centerpiece ideas? Learn how to make this fun Christmas centerpiece using chicken wire, greenery and a mason jar candle holder.

holiday centerpiece ideas diy

Ah, the mysterious centerpiece. Easily one of the more daunting elements to table settings and can easily be overthought. How do you create a centerpiece that is both elegant and understated but also has a touch of farmhouse chic? That is where the chicken wire comes in. We had some leftover from a previous project (because if you haven't noticed by now, we are rather fond of the galvanized wire) and spraypainted it a bronze color to give it a nice patina color. Then we wrapped some glittery garland around the bottom and voila! Wouldn't a couple of these look great on a long farmhouse table? However you plan to use them--this project is very versatile piece that you can use throughout the seasons.


  • Gloves

  • Wire Cutters

  • Needle nose pliers

  • Mason Jar Candle Holder (we got ours from Micheals)

  • Gardland

  • Bronze Spray Paint

  • Candles

Step 1:

With your gloves on, roll the chicken wire around the jar to determine how much you will need. Make sure the smooth edge is against the top of the jar so it has a nice clean look. One you've cut your chicken wire, interlock the end pieces together using your needle nose pliers and clip away any edges. Make sure it's a little loose so you can easily slide it on and off.

Step 2:

We didn't have any spraypaint on hand, but we did have some brown stain--so we used a sponge brush and brushed it on and it actually gave it a nice patina! We later learned that the chicken wire is coated in an oil which is great in the prevention of rust and corrosion but can cause paint to bead up if applied directly to the wire. So if you want paint to completely cover the wire--just wipe it down with some soap and water before applying paint.

Step 3:

Once the paint has dried--slide it back over your mason jar and clip any ends off the bottom as needed so it can stand propertly. Then take your garland or desired greenery and wrap it around the bottom. Light your candle and that's it! These would also make a great outdoor decoration on the front porch steps or you could hang them. Whatever you decide to do--it will be a convo-starter for sure!

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